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Made From Dirt Organic CBD Products


Your skin is the biggest organ on your body, therefor Made from Dirt Organic CBD Products has made it a mission to ensure you give your skin the proper nourishment it deserves.

We realized early on that many of the products usually found around the house contain chemicals you shouldn’t be in contact with, let alone apply on your skin. We started purging out the house cleaners and then went on to our skin products. Having been in the industry for many years and being well aware of the benefits of CBD we thought the ingredients we chose on our products and the name of our brand “Made from Dirt” went hand in hand. 

We’re innovators of a higher standard, using organic ingredients free of parabens, phlathlates, and cruelty.

sunflower salve made from dirt
Made From Dirt have harnessed the skin soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of sunflowers and combined them with CBD. Made From Dirt’s Sunflower Salve is an excellent solution for broken, damaged, or aging skin. With ingredients like cannabidiol, sun flowers, and lemongrass all natural relief are a few rubs away.
sleep baml made from dirt
When a racing mind or anxiety get in the way of a good night’s rest, apply some of Made From Dirt’s Sleep Balm for all-natural relief. This Sleep Balm is made with 100 mg of CBD as well as chamomile, cedarwood, and lavender to deliver profoundly calming effects. Apply to the temples of your head, on your wrists and under your nose for maximum results.
strech mark salve made from dirt
A natural solution to natural problems, Made From Dirt’s Stretch Mark Salve packing 100 mg of CBD as well as skin healing ingredients including Vitamin E, Shea Butter, eucalyptus, and tamanu oil. Application over an extended period of time can help remove the appearance of scars and promote overall dermatological wellness.
peppermint salve made from dirt
Bring cooling relief to sore and stiff joints, Made From Dirt’s Peppermint Pain Salve holds 100 mg of CBD in each container. Through a synergistic combination of pain relieving CBD and Peppermint, sore muscles and stiff joints are a thing of the past.