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About Chroncierge


Our Mission is to be your portal into the elite, private reserve, and signature brand cannabis experience. Chroncierge is the purveyor of the finest cannabis the world has to offer. Cultivated by master growers who handpick only the absolute cream of the crop for our members. It is our privilege to offer our exclusive clientele, rare and exotic selections to satisfy the most sophisticated palates.


To give medicinal cannabis consumers consistent access to the highest quality products.


To uplift this amazing plant and place it on the pedestal it deserves. Procuring only the finest quality, most exotic and artisanal selections for the people to indulge in. We honor the true agriculture artistry in elite cannabis production, and believe that it rivals the most coveted vineyard. We are working hard to de-demonize what we as rational and sophisticated adults know to be an amazing plant with numerous medicinal benefits for all.


Exists to set an example for the world in everything that is Cannabis. We bring you a refined and sophisticated product that takes experience and mastery to nurture, produce and deliver. We spotlight the true agriculture and handling artistry of Cannabis and educate our consumers.

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