Americanna edibles

Americanna’s Mission


Founded in 2007, Americanna is a medical cannabis company focusing on organic high quality cannabis oil. Americanna products are carefully made only using Co2 extracted cannabinoids from 100% locally and organically grown cannabis and are sustainably farmed and produced using state-of-the-art technology.

Our mission is to create high quality cannabis products
that are safe, affordable and enjoyable for everyone. Our offerings consist of handcrafted and artfully designed products with your lifestyle in mind. Our customers are creative-minded adventurers seeking relief, relaxation, and pleasure. Carpe diem! We passionately believe in repositioning our industry as a lifestyle focusing on life enhancement and showcasing a healthy view of cannabis. We are the new Americanna.

Our oil is derived in-house from our CA licensed cannabis growers. Our seasoned cultivators carefully select from only the finest in raw organic botanical materials that are consistently inspected and tested for molds, yeasts, and pesticides.

We strictly use natural CO2 in our extraction process, (A NON toxic solvent), while incorporating proprietary refinement and distillation methods involving advanced multi-winterization and filtration techniques that delicately preserve the essential cannabinoids and their synergistic properties.

From cultivation to your locally licensed dispensary, we inspect and test multiple times, internally and through multiple third-party labs to ensure accuracy in potency and full passes in residual and microbial screening. Given the nature of our industry, we feel it is our responsibility provide patients with only highest grade cannabis products. We are the new Americanna.

At Americanna, we believe in encouraging people be their best selves. We pledge a portion of our profits to charities focusing on helping our veterans.

Available Products

Americanna Cannabis Oil Syringe
Americanna Cannabis Oil Battery and Vape Pen