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Citizen E-Cig


Citizen e-Cig Mission

At Citizen e-Cig, our biggest goal is to eliminate the harmful toxins and chemicals associated with traditional tobacco, and turn smoking into a healthier habit. Our team has decades of combined experience working in the biomedical and disease industries, and is fully committed to presenting smokers with less harmful alternatives. Backed by medical research and technology, our products aim to provide a familiar experience for smokers, and one that can be guilt-free too.

We are dedicated to empowering smokers to make the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes and cigars, and have therefore created products with the focus on our customers. We value community and feedback, and encourage you to share your experience with us.

Our Products


STEP 1 – Tear off the cellophane from your Citizen e-Cig gift box or from your easy carrying tube.

STEP 2 – Bring the Citizen e-Cig to your mouth and puff on it, just like you would a traditional tobacco cigar.

STEP 3 – The tip will light up as you inhale the smooth, great taste.

If it doesn’t light up or draw vapor the first time, try puffing a bit harder to get it started.

Your disposable Citizen e-Cig is equivalent to 1000 puffs, or 8-10 traditional tobacco cigars.

When you finish your disposable eCigar, don’t throw it away. We at Citizen strive to be as green as possible by recycling the batteries used in each eCigar. And for helping us, we will send you a free Citizen disposable eCigar for every 6 you send in.

Q.What makes e-Cigs better than cigarettes?

A. Citizen e-Cigs and Cigars present a smoking alternative that is free of tobacco smoke and secondhand smoke; without smell or ash and only 4 ingredients instead of the 6,500 in tobacco. Our flavored cartomizers produce vapor when heated–not smoke.

Q.Is there nicotine in e-Cigs and e-Cigars?

A.Our goal is to create products that are tailored to the needs of our customers, so Citizen e-Cigs and e-Cigars offer you the choice of having up to 24mg of nicotine in the product of your choosing. We also offer products with 0mg of nicotine, to give you the experience of smoking without nicotine.

Fact: Citizen E-Cigs and e-Cigars contain only food-grade chemicals that are already found in a number of commonly used products. The liquid that produces vapor when heated contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, water, and natural flavoring. Individually, each of these items is FDA approved and safe for human consumption; whereas traditional cigars and cigarettes can contain up to 2,000 harmful chemicals.