Born and bred in the cannabis industry, the founders of SOL Distro have a background in cultivation, dispensary retail sales, manufacturing, and most importantly a proud repertoire of relationships with industry professionals. Over the years, they have acquired a means for safely and efficiently delivering the product they manufacture to storefronts. A distribution company inadvertently began to take shape and in 2016 they opened their distribution channel capability to other cannabis brands who met their standards of excellence.

“SOL Distro offers a unique perspective to what they felt the industry was missing: loyalty, trust and consistency”

Today they proudly boast swift turnarounds from Northern California to Southern California – something they believe should be an industry standard so that all parties can thrive. They accept cash, credit card or check. Have low minimums, great delivery times, stand behind their products by accepting exchanges for credit, and have a dedicated team to help navigate all of this.

They have a license to distribute cannabis, courtesy of Humboldt County and comply with 2018 recreational / medical regulation. With award winning products including flower, concentrate, edibles, pre-rolls, bath bombs, beauty products, capsules, topicals and more, SOL Distro is a one-stop shop for everything you desire.